Terms and Payments:
After reserving a puppy, You must pick your puppy from a picture, then at 6 weeks old you may come in person and play with your puppy. this is due to the puppies immune system being weak before their first set of shots at 6 weeks of age. (NO EXCEPTIONS) . this ensures a healthy  puppy .
  To reserve a puppy: a $500.00 non refundable deposit must be paid to reserve a puppy. The balance must be paid in full before the puppy is 8 weeks old. No exceptions . Once a puppy is reserved and not paid for in full by the age of 8 weeks old, all money will be forfeited and the puppy will be placed up for sale. Any puppy not picked up after 8 weeks of age , a fee of 20.00 per day will be charged untill picked up. 
  We except cash, pay pal, wire transfer, money gram, bank checks, sorry no personal checks. PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE, PLEASE ASK FOR DETAILS.
  $100.00 discount: does not apply to discounted puppies, or puppies 8 weeks of age.
Guarantee : FULL 2 YEAR GUARANTEE (An  ADITIONAL YEAR ADDED IF YOU KEEP YOUR PUP ON NUVET TABLETS for the 3 years. making the health guarantee a full 3 years. one of the best guarantee's in the breeder network!)on all puppies that have not been discounted.
Our Great Danes are  in good condition, health, sound temperament, and free of communicable diseases at the time of sale.We do not guarantee temperment and socialization after the puppy leaves our establishment. Our Great Danes are given all vaccines appropriate for their age and are de-wormed, determined by the seller. Buyer has 3 days from the purchase and/or delivery date to have the Great Dane examined by a Licensed Veterinarian (Buyer will pay all veterinarian fees).  If the Great Dane is deemed to have a life threatening congenital illness, the Buyer, with Veterinarian Certified documentation of the condition, may return the Great Dane to the Seller (not including fees, veterinary bills, transportation costs, ect.)  for a replacement Great Dane of equal value. If the puppy dies due to health reason (not due to neglect or accident) within the 2 yr health guarantee buyer must first get a report from a licensed vet regarding  the cause of death. Buyer must have an autopsy performed at the buyers expense within 3 days of puppy's death, and send a copy of the report and a vets records of all the puppy's entire health history to the seller . After viewing the autopsy report and vet health records, seller has the option of doing their own autopsy. After reading all reports and determining it was not at the fault of the buyer , seller will replace puppy with another of equal value. No cash will be returned to the buyer. If seller has no puppy of equal value at the time of the exchange we will replace one from the next available litter.   Failure to have the Great Dane examined within the above time limit will nullify our health guarantee. European lineage and stress (from shipment)  may result in Haw Eye, Entropion, Cherry eye, or Third Eyelid Eversion which will  be covered by our Warranty or our Guarantee, if diagnosed within the 3 day termed mentioned above following the same rules as per mentioned. At a cost not to exceed up to and not to exceed $250.00. The amount will be decided by the seller.
This guarantee is for original buyers only and cannot be transferred to secondary parties, and is only good for the length of time stated as per above. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO TO SELL OR NOT TO SELL TO ANY PERSON(S) .
    In the event the BUYER is unable to keep the puppy for any reason, the BUYER agrees that the puppy will not be sold, given away, or taken to a shelter or rescue facility. The BUYER agrees to immediately contact the seller Phil and Karen young, P.K.Y Danes, at 936-445-1684  and make arrangements to return the puppy back to the seller without financial restitution.  
  We will always take our Danes  back,for what ever reason, no questions asked. The well being of our top quality Great Dane puppies are our # 1 priority and concern.  

Contact us today in Conroe, Texas, for more information about our quality Great Danes for sale.936-445-1684   
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                  Phil and Karen Young 
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